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21.02.2008 KCP32RZ5 - 170 on the way to our stock

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We have ordered KCP32RZ5 - 170 concrete pump from KCP. We will mount this pump on Scania P310 6X4. This unit will be ready mounted on chassis in the end of March. The pump is already on the way to our stock.

As a special equipment our KCP32RZ5 - 170 has the hopper box cover made of aluminium.

KCP32RZ5 - 170 specifications: 

Boom specifications

Vertical reach

31,6 m

Horizontal reach

27,7 m

Reach from front of truck

25,4 m

Unfolding height

5,8 m

Section articulation

90° / 180° / 240° / 220°



Delivery line


Proportional boom


End hose lenght

3 m

Outrigger spread-front

6,18 m

Outrigger spread-rear

7,15 m

Max. outrigger weight

20,500 kg

Pump specifications

Maximum output

170 m3/h

Concrete cylinder

Ø230x2100 mm

Stroke per minute


Concrete pressure(rod)

72 bar

Hopper capacity

0,6 m3



Hydraulic pump

Kawasaki K3V140DT

Cycling system

Hydraulic or manual overrides

Max. aggregate size



Pictures of the pump from this morning at KCP factory:



As special order the hopper box cover is made of aluminium:

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