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Oy KCP Skandinavia Ab
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About Us

Oy KCP Scandinavia Ab is proud about our official distribution of KCP Concrete Pumps (KCP Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) for the area of Scandinavian and Baltic region. We are located in Turku Finland.

KCP Concrete Pump Co Ltd is leading producer of concrete pumps in South Korea. The company was found in the year 2001 with the first production of various boom sizes from 25-70m. Over 90% of KCP products are exported all over the world and the rest of all to domestic market. We are able to mount KCP pumps “upper parts” on any truck chassis of any world maker. KCP Concrete Pumps definitely will work better than other ones, if you test our pumps without any prejudice! KCP Concrete Pump Co Ltd is producing machines according to the best technologies and that’s why KCP machines are in popular demand in the world. Due to wide experience and individual approach, the number of KCP clients is constantly increasing. Today KCP Concrete Pump Co Ltd is producing concrete pumps in sizes 24-65m.

KCP Concrete Pump Co Ltd has CE and ISO certificates and KCP Concrete Pumps have 1 year limited warranty from the first registration.

Oy KCP Scandinavia Ab is mainly using Scania truck chassises but if you would like to use any other maker chassis, please contact us and we do our best for offering the mounting for you.

Oy KCP Scandinavia Ab offers also other concrete pumping products for our customers like floor coating adhessives.

Oy KCP Scandinavia Ab has long experience about concrete pumping and transport business.

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